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Joseph A. Conte, DPM, FACFAS
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Total Foot & Ankle Center, Lake Nona
Total Foot & Ankle Center, Lake Nona
Total Foot & Ankle Center, Lake Nona

Our Services

Dr. Conte is a board certified podiatric physician. He treats general medical and surgical conditions of the foot and ankle. Podiatrists attend four years of podiatry school after completing college and subsequently undergo a residency program for surgical and practical training.

Dr. Conte completed a top three-year surgical residency, is well-trained in general and surgical podiatric services, and provides a wide range of foot and ankle care. Those services include, but are not limited to:

  • Podiatric Medicine - includes heel pain, custom orthotics, ankle sprains, sports injuries, ingrowing nails, stress fractures, fungal nails, plantar's warts, ligament and tendon sprains and strains, diabetic foot care, and pediatric foot and ankle care.

  • ForeFoot and Ankle Surgery - includes correction of bunions, hammertoe repair, excision of neuromas, selected joint implants and fusions for the treatment of arthritis, foot fracture care, and the surgical treatment of chronic sprains and strains.

  • Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery - includes major joint fusions for deformity and/or arthritis, fracture care of both the heel and the ankle, medical and surgical flatfoot care, and treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures.

  • Wound Care - includes the diagnosis and treatment of lower extremity wounds and infections.

Dr. Conte created Total Foot & Ankle Center, Lake Nona with the goal of providing the Orlando community with comprehensive foot and ankle care. To that, he employs the latest in technological advances in digital x-rays and electronic medical records with the aim of providing top-level care to their patients. He has also sorted through the many different foot care products that are available in the community and offers only the most medically sound ones for purchase in the office.

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